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Zion's History

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Zion - Serving Rockford 140 years!

In 1833, Zion was started by First Lutheran Church of Rockford. They asked families to help start a new church and in 1883, they did just that. By 1885, they were able to build the sanctuary. In 1922, they built the first Education wing to the south and west. The history books of Zion can be downloaded if you want to learn more.


Zion grew quickly after World War II and became the largest Augustana Synod congregation. This led to an building addition in 1955 where more classroom, a chapel, and a large Sunday School area were added.


The congregation voted in 1982 to stay in the Midtown neighborhood and sell it's 8 acres of land out near Mulford on Spring Creek Road. The church wanted to stay in the city for good, serving a growing Laotian community and entering into an era that celebrated its immigrant history.


Zion helped start and create the Patriots Gateway Community Center. It was first named Zion Community Center, but soon grew into a neighborhood outreach center for all.


Zion is celebrating being a mosaic community sharing the grace of Christ with all this year, our 140th Year of Ministry in the Rockford community.

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