Legacy Society


Zion Lutheran Church and its ministries exist today because Swedish followers of Jesus Christ wanted there to be a place for the proclamation of God’s word, celebration of the sacraments, Christian education and Christ-like service following Lutheran traditions in Rockford, Illinois. Their legacy is this congregation and its’ ministries. They saw to it that this congregation was founded in 1883.


Now, this legacy has been passed on to us. Over the years, others have decided to leave a legacy to secure and advance the future of these ministries by leaving the congregation a bequest from their estate, giving gifts of money or property to the church after they no longer needed it.



  • The Society will be made up of all persons who have named Zion Lutheran Church in their will, estate or other document to receive a special gift over $1,000.
  • Automatic memberships shall be bestowed to all persons who, upon their death, are determined to have bequeathed a gift to Zion Lutheran Church.
  • By application, membership shall be extended to those persons who have indicated in writing that they have included Zion Lutheran Church in their estate plans and have discussed their plan as it relates to Zion with the pastor.
  • The names of all members of The Zion Legacy Society shall be kept in the official records of the church, and on plaques prominently placed near the entrance to the Sanctuary.


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I __________________________________ do hereby acknowledge that I have included Zion Lutheran Church of Rockford, Illinois, in my estate plan, and request that my name be officially recorded as a member of The Zion Legacy Society. It is understood that my membership in the Legacy Society shall be made public, as an encouragement to others, but that the details of my estate plan shall remain confidential, until fully executed.

Signed ______________________________

Date ________________________________

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